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We have used Land Creations for several years and for good reason. The photos listed on their website are projects that another concern started and Land Creations had to come in and rework projects that had gone very bad……


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Landscape Lighting

During daylight hours nearly any well cared for outdoor environment can look stunning. Once the sun goes down your property still needs to be well lighted for reasons of aesthetics, safety, security and to perform outdoor tasks.   You’ve created a great outdoor environment you can enjoy during the day.  You can also enjoy that environment through the nighttime hours.

Our team at Land Creations is knowledgeable in all of these different outdoor lighting aspects including LED lighting. LED lighting is durable and very cost effective to operate.  Read on to see what proper outdoor lighting for your home or business can do for you.


The look of your home or business at night can be dramatically highlighted by the right installation of landscape lighting. You may wish to feature:

  • Your business sign
  • A well groomed garden
  • The exterior of the building itself

Proper light placement is the key to unlocking the beauty of your property at night.

Safety and Security

A well lit up area is a safe area. It is always easier for accidents to happen in poorly lit locations around your property. Eliminating these hazards spots will create a safer environment for you and all of your visitors.
Security concerns can be helped by additional lighting. Unwanted intruders are much less likely to enter your property if they can be clearly seen. Contact us so that we can help you minimize these risks.

Performing Outdoor Tasks

This covers a host of different activities:
  • Outdoor barbecuing at night
  • Late night entertaining on your patio - and the clean up afterwards
  • Allowing you to enjoy your pool after sunset
  • Creating a space to enjoy the sounds of nature in the silence of the night

Whatever you want to do outside can be done better after the sun sets with the right lighting. Having a flexible lighting plan that can accommodate all of these different situations will allow you to maximize the use of your outdoors.

Contact Land Creations

If you need an outdoor lighting plan for your home or business for any of the reasons above, or some we haven’t thought of, please contact us by any of the methods below:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: (405) 755-7866 | (405) 528-2838
  • Visit our Contact Page for our office location

We look forward to being able to light up your life!

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