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We have used Land Creations for several years and for good reason. The photos listed on their website are projects that another concern started and Land Creations had to come in and rework projects that had gone very bad……


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Client Testimonials

The Residential and Commercial clients of Land Creations say it best.  Here is what a few of our customers are saying...

We want to share our positive experiences with Tim, Matt, and their crews at Land Creations. They have an excellent design, installation, and service team.

About fourteen years ago, Land Creations built a three thousand gallon pond with an exquisite waterfall for us in our backyard. They also had to completely revamp our existing sprinkler system because of the extensive construction of the pond. Land Creations also constructed raised brick flower beds in the front and back of our home.

The job that Land Creations did in designing the pond and waterfall as well as the construction was above our expectations. It was truly a beautiful addition to our home.

Six years ago, we moved to a smaller home and outdoor living space. Again, because of our past positive experiences with Land Creations, we called upon Tim and his crew to help us with our new outdoor living space. They helped us design the new space to achieve its maximum potential by creating new flower beds, a new patio design, and by using aesthetically pleasing plant materials.
Land Creations has done an excellent job, and we do not hesitate to recommend them to our neighbors. Not only are they highly professional in their interactions with clients, they are extremely competent in design and installation.

John and Dee Frassetto

We received several bids to replace our parking lot and we chose Land Creations. They were very professional and finished on time. As they performed the job, we made several changes to the design and Land Creations was always accommodating. I recommend Land Creations to all of my friends. Stop by O’Connor’s today and check out their work.

Shawn O’Conner
O’Connor’s Lawn and Garden
Oklahoma City

We have used Land Creations for several years and for good reason. Both of the photos listed on their website are projects that another concern started and Land Creations had to come in and rework projects that had gone very bad……

The landscaping around Musashi’s was done by a local landscaping company that has since gone into bankruptcy. Although their plans looked great on paper the instillation and implementation were a disaster. The plants and water features were poorly installed and the water features never worked correctly. Although we had a large budget for the original project, the original company just didn’t seem able to get any of the pumps and waterfalls to work correctly. We got to the point of contemplating filling the ponds with dirt and installing sod in their place.

Fortunately a friend suggested that we give Land Creations a call, they came in and got everything working and over a matter of a year or so, they turned the landscaping around as well. Shortly thereafter we received an award from Oklahoma City Beautiful. A wonderful transition to say the least…

The second project involved the installation of a retaining wall at our home. The contractor hired a friend of his to do the dirtwork and the retaining wall installation. Both of these gentlemen assured me that their crews were up to the task. Unfortunately we found out that to not be the case when it came time to install our tennis court. Once the heavy equipment began leveling the area for the tennis court, the wall began to buckle and move. Obviously not a great place for a tennis court...

At that time Land Creations was doing our landscaping work at the house and one of the owners looked at the project and said, “We can fix that”. I would have used Land Creations earlier for this project, I just didn’t know that they had that sort of expertise and manpower. Needless to say, I was so pleased with their installation of the first retaining wall, that I added several more to finish out the project. I can’t say that these guys are perfect. They do on occasions make some mistakes. The difference lies in the fact that they will rectify the problem and take full responsibility for the situation….That is very rare these days…

Carl S. Milam
President: Western Concepts Restaurant Group
The Will Rogers Theatre
4322 N. Western Ave.
OKC, OK. 73118

Off: 405.525.2294

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